About Us

Article From AGC Newsletter, April 2008

     From it’s inception to its current workings, Herberger Construction has been a family business. The company was started by Walter Herberger in partnership with, Snyder, Johnson and Herberger  construction during the 1940’s. In 1961, he became the sole proprietor of the construction firm. He moved the family and the business from Humboldt, Iowa to a family farm in Indianola, where their office was a converted milking room. From then on, the family’s lives revolved around Herberger Construction. “We’ve grown up around this business,” says Dean Herberger, President of Herberger Construction. “It’s in our blood and it’s all I’ve really ever known how to do.

     Walter Herberger, a World War II veteran, moved the organization to Indianola to be closer to Iowa’s burgeoning interstate system. The interstate work and a variety of projects throughout the state, served as the company’s bread and-butter throughout the 1960’s. During all of this, Walter was doing double duty
– in the field and in the office. The boys recall him working throughout the night in the office, only to get up early next morning to head out into the field. It’s no wonder he wanted to bring his sons in as soon he could. “We came on board full-time in 1976,” recalls Dennis. “But we had been doing work since we were young boys. Five years later, we bought in and took over operations.” Walter continued to work, even after appointing Dean as president and Dennis as secretary/treasurer, until his passing in 1988. As the boys took over the organization, Herberger Construction saw continued growth.
     Today the company operates five crews with more than 40 employees. Many of whom have been with the company more than 30 years. “Our company is only as good as our guys,” says Dean.
“I know lots of people say that, but I live it. I know it’s true. We have a group of hard working guys who have helped this company grow and produce quality, award-winning work.” One of Herberger Construction’s higher profile projects was the rebuild of a famed Madison County Covered Bridge. The landmark was destroyed by arsonists in 2002. The company did a complete rebuild and move for the bridge, citing original plans and employing modern techniques. The usually humble work of Herberger construction saw unprecedented media coverage, local government attention and public support.

     Additionally, Herberger Construction received an AGC award from a committee of peers, based on quality of work, job particulars, budget and other criteria. Both Dean and Dennis were quiet about the award, again nodding to their crews as the real recipients. The boys got a bigger kick out of the fact that this particular rebuild, for a bridge in Carlisle, had originally been constructed by their father in
the 1950’s. “That has happened a couple of times,” says Dennis. “We run into some of Dad’s old bridges. It’s a nice reminder of all the hard work Herberger Construction has done over the past 47 years.” Perhaps it will happen again down the road. Dean’s twin sons, Jack and Jerry, have recently started working at the plant. “It’s been a thrill having the boys working out here,” says Dean. “Obviously it reminds me a lot of when Dennis and I were just starting out.”

     Another constant for Herberger Construction, aside from family, has been their involvement with the AGC of Iowa. Since opening its doors in 1960, they have consistently worked with the association. “Herberger construction and its employees have only benefited from our involvement with the AGC,” says Dean.
“Because of our work with the association, our guys earn competitive wages, we have a great relationship with the DOT, and the ongoing safety and training programs continue to benefit both veteran and novice workers alike.”