Bridges That Span the Years


A Family Tradition of Bridge and Heavy Highway Construction

Built to Last

For over 60 years, Herberger Construction Company, Inc. has been in the business of building durable solutions to efficiently span the gaps in transportation infrastructure.

Iowa’s Choice

Cities, counties, and municipalities all across the state of Iowa choose Herberger because of our long-standing reputation for quality workmanship, regard for safety, and well-engineered results.

Exceptional Workmanship

Our three generations of hardwearing, dependable construction is backed by our membership to the Associated General Contractors of Iowa and is displayed in all of Iowa’s 99 counties.

Services for Reliable Infrastructure

While being known for bridge construction, Herberger Construction is also trusted by cities across the state of Iowa to perform drive piling, bridge removals, construct flood and retaining walls, pump stations, and culverts.

Our team of longstanding engineers, managers, and laborers works to complete projects with the highest standards of safety, accuracy, and diligence in mind.

Service Areas

Herberger Construction Company finds its home in Indianola, but works all across Iowa and reaches into other parts of the Midwest.

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