Bridge Construction & Bridge Repair

The trusted Herberger name was built on our quality and expert work in bridge construction and repair across Iowa. Our crews are quick and efficient at getting the job done within the project time constraints, and without sacrificing the highest standards of accuracy and workmanship. From bypass bridges on the interstate to historic covered bridge repairs, to the tear down and removal of old bridges, our team is experienced and equipped to handle anything. A few of the many specialized areas of bridge construction Herberger offers are below.

Continuous Concrete
Slab Bridge (CCS)

Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Beam Bridge (PPCB)

Continuous Welded Plate Girder Bridge (CWPG)

Bridge Repairs

Bridge Removal

Pile Driving

Bridge construction and the construction of retaining walls often necessitates the need for pile driving. Herberger has driven piles of concrete, steel, and timber for foundation support on various projects throughout the Midwest that stand the test of time.

Retaining Walls

Herberger retaining walls are just as reliable and trusted as the bridges they support. Whether engineering for hillside farming or roadway overpasses, Herberger Construction retaining walls are the trusted name in heavy highway construction.

Pump Stations

Supplying water to canals, draining low-lying land, transferring sewage to treatment sites–Herberger pump stations are engineered to do it all.


Engineered to last generations, Herberger-engineered culverts successfully drain water underneath roadways without fail.

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